* Pork 
Using only prime cuts of Pork with minimal amounts of fat to keep the product moist

Walton Pride   Lightly seasoned, extra meaty recipe   
Cumberland   Traditional herby sausage  
Apple   Seasoned meat with sweet apple pieces  
Garlic   Will keep the vampires away   
Pineapple   Seasoned meat with crushed pineapple   
Apricot   Seasoned meat, juicy pieces of Apricot  
Leek   Fresh leeks  
Italian   Fennel, garlic & chilli *Gluten Free  
Californian Cowboys Spicy & Peppery
Texas Renegades   As cowboys but hotter  
Smoked Hickory   Smoked flavour  
Stilton & Celery   Seasoned meat with fresh stilton, celery and parsley 
Lemon & Ginger   Lemon zest with ground ginger  
Honey & Thyme   Sweet honey flavour with specks of Thyme
Curry & Onion   Curry paste with chunks of onion for added bite
Plum & Mulled Wine Pieces of plum with aromatic spiced mulled wine 
Lime & Sweet Chilli  Fragrant lime flavour with a bite of the sweet chilli  
Toulouse  Garlic and herbs with white wine  
Chipolatas   Plain flavour — Children friendly  
* Poultry 
We only use Breast meat for both the Chicken and Turkey varieties
Chicken & Lemon Pepper  Fragrant lemon with kibbled peppers, sweet with a slight spice kick 
Mexican Bandits   Chicken, fresh coriander, & chilli 
Turkey, Curry & Onion   Curry flavour with red onion chunks  
Turkey & Cranberry   Seasoned meat with juicy pieces of sweet cranberry  
* Beef
We only use Chuck steak for our Beef varieties
Boerewors  Authentic South African recipe  
Boozy Bangers   Ale & Mushroom  
Red Thai Curry with Red Onion Red Thai paste with chunks of red onion  
Beef, Pork & Chilli Try them if you dare, using fresh chillies they blow your socks off yet are still moreish. One of our best selling sausages!  
* Lamb
We only use shoulder meat which keeps our Lamb recipes moist
Mint & Onion   *Silver award winning recipe
* Venison
Venison with Pork   Seasoned with sage and cracked black pepper  
Venison with Red Wine   Seasoned meat with the red wine flavour  
Venison with Cranberry   Ideal combination of game meat with sweet cranberry sauce  


Other sausages made on request to your own recipe.



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